Things to keep an eye on before Rover goes on a vacay. Ask yourself these simple but very important questions:
         Are current immunization records asked for before each stay? 

         Does my caregiver have a license to care for pets in their home issued annually from N.C. Veterinary and Animal Welfare  
         Division with inspections bi -annually for dog daycare?

         What are the breeds, sizes and personalities of the caregivers personal dogs, especially if interacting with mine?

         Does my caregiver have experience in reading dogs actions and appreciate who they uniquely are to keep them safe?

         If my pet is interacting, is he or she spayed or neutered before a year old?

         Are we selecting a type of boarding that fits his personality and breed characteristics?

Dog boarding and daycare dog daycare pet boarding daycare

Pets "R" Home is happy to welcome you to our family. We are dedicated to loving care and believe a home environment is where your pet feels most comfortable

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Pets R Home

Pets "R" Home is Lake Norman's only doggy and kitty bed and breakfast. We are located in Mooresville North Carolina where your pets can participate in daycare, or enjoy pet boarding in a home environment. Please use our quick registration form and we will get back to you promptly. We look forward to talking to you.


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          Pricing: All guests $40 per night boarded           Day Care Special $20 Tues. & Wed.           Regular Day Care $25

Things to remember to bring for my animal's stay at Pets "R" Home....

      Food to maintain regular diet

      Shot records


      Comforting smells from home such as blanket, bed, toys or chew

Thank-you and remember....... When a loved one comes home, always run to greet them!!

Call or Text 704-895-3132

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